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Thursday, March 24, 2011

GULLY|Tribute: Brooklyn Lo-lifes Circa 1988

Over 2 decades ago history was made when 2 boosting clicks from Brooklyn NYC one hailing from Brownsville (U.S.A aka united shoplifters association) the other from Crown Heights (Ralphies Kids) would join together to form one click… The Lo-Lifes (Lo being short for Polo). The Lo-lifes revolutionized urban street fashion and we’re the poster child's of “fresh to death”. Fusing 5th ave with urban lifestyle, much is accredited to these modern day metropolitan Robin Hoods who terrorized department stores through out the Tri-state on a daily basis in pursuit of Polo by Ralph Lauren goods and other pricey notable designers. The Lo-lifes have been highly regarded with accolades and respect from a majority of hip-hop’s elite for their contribution to the hip-hop urban lifestyle and fashion.

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